If you’re like most people, you have a strong desire to lead a successful, happy, and fulfilled life. You are committed to your work, friends, volunteer time, and to your family. You want to succeed at what you do, and you crave to get better, to grow, to reach your full potential. You want to leave your legacy upon the world!

BUT, do you sometimes feel as though you are struggling just to keep up? Do you find negativity and self-doubt are creeping in to your brain? Do you experience overwhelm that stops you in your tracks? Maybe you feel like this reader:

I feel exhausted and in a constant state of being overwhelmed and feel defeated. I know I can do better. No matter what I’m doing or how fast I’m doing it, I never feel as though I am making any difference. I feel lost and everything is so muddled up.

Does This Sound Like You?

Be honest:

  • Do you feel you are being pulled in so many directions, you want to run and hide?
  • Do you find yourself constantly trying to find the priorities in your life?
  • Do you feel as though life is moving so fast that you just can’t manage it?

If so, believe me, you’re not alone. All of us have felt this way.

I Know How You Feel

I know what it feels like to be totally overwhelmed and to keep trying to manage everything – family, health, faith and community. Out of that list, my health is what suffered the most. Plus I couldn’t engage with the relationships that mattered most to me.

In just one year, I had so many events that piled on me it was like the weight of the world: my oldest son was almost killed in a car accident and had to be life-flighted to a trauma hospital in another city; two months after that, I had to move my mother from a skilled nursing facility to Hospice where she died three days later and I was left to deal with everything; a month after that, I was installed as President of my chapter of the National Speakers Association; two months after that, my husband and I decided it would be wise to sell the home we thought we’d be in forever because the market was going south and we saw that it would be “upside down” (not worth what we paid for it) very quickly. There was a couple who really wanted to buy the house so we took them up on it. This left us with very little time to find something else. Moving is always a stressful activity, but I and my husband and two sons have a farm. Yes, chickens, lots of rescue dogs and horses, and we had less than 60 days to pack up our lives and find a place with all of that to bring with us!

I thought I was handling everything quite well, because … after all … I am Super Woman! (ta-da!) When another year went by, and I was still running on empty, still feeling uninspired and exhausted, I was bewildered why I couldn’t keep up like I used to; which then started the cycle of feeling guilty, which morphed in to me getting really harsh with myself, which made me feel bad, which made me want to hide, which made me … you get the picture.

It finally dawned on me that I was never Super Woman.

When I finally allowed myself to stop, I mean just stop and take a good hard look at what was going on in my life, I realized that I was not effective, I was not cherishing the relationships of my family or my dear friends, I was not growing my business. I was a big fat ol’ NOT.

I didn’t feel good, I had gained a considerable amount of weight (I’m a “stress eater”) that affected me in serious ways: my doctor told me I was hypertensive with blood pressure so high he wouldn’t let me leave his office until it went down (which truth be told, stressed me out further) and I was pre-diabetic.

I was so incredibly hard on myself it made the journey that much more difficult to find my passion again.

If you’re like me, you quickly realize that living this way is totally unacceptable. But what to do? I had to get right with my head, my heart, and my dreams and do some serious work on myself. I can’t say I didn’t slip and fall back in to the abyss on occasion, but I had to come to some understandings and give myself a break.

My Goal

If any of this sounds like you and how you may be feeling, then you are in the right place. I’ve been there and done that. Please join me and allow me to share the light on the path to success, fulfillment and finding your passion and inspiration again!


If everything is peachy-keen in your world but you want to “up level” your life and business to break through and achieve your goals faster, you are also in the right place. One of the skills I have, that my clients love, is the ability to get right to the heart of what is necessary to break out and achieve more. I can clear away the clutter, identify what is not serving you and lead you through getting to that awesome and abundant mindset that opens the doors of all sorts of opportunities!

If only I had had someone who could focus me, offer skills and insight that I desperately needed, I could have saved myself a lot of time, worry and yes, money.

Stop floundering. The time is now.

It sure feels great in the sunshine. Join me!

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