Welcome, Toastmasters of District 84!

Thank you for being in my “21 Tips to Speak Like a Pro!” and “Keynote Basics You Need to Know” workshop on February 3rd. Even if you weren’t there and you received the link from someone who was, you are welcome here. Spread the goodies around!

Knowing I was coming to present to you all, I posted this question in the “Power Women of NSA” Private FaceBook group of my fellow power professional speakers:

If you were to give one piece of advice to Toastmasters who are thinking about entering in to the speaking profession, what would it be?

My fellow lady speakers in NSA (National Speakers Association) have shared sage advice. They jumped at the chance to offer you insight from their years of experience. Collectively, there is easily over 200 years of speaking BUSINESS experience being offered to you. NSA is the “business of the business” and is a great partner with Toastmasters! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SIGN UP BELOW (and share the link to this page with your fellow Toastmasters!)

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