So What’s YOUR Burning In Hell Statement?

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I don’t care for unbridled negativity.  Or habitually negative people.  Or consistent fatalist points-of-view.  I don’t like it when someone’s first response to a situation is one of doom-and-gloom. Sure, we can discuss doom-and-gloom scenarios along the way to be prepared, but to automatically say “That won’t work” or “We can’t do that” drives me insane.

As most of us do, I try to be the best person I can be. I firmly believe in the Power of Karma, and what one puts out into the Universe is what comes back to them. But inevitably, on occasion, something slips past my tongue and teeth and lips and out before I realize that this was not the best thing to say. 

That, my friends, would be what I call my “Burning In Hell” Statement,  or “BHS” for short. A BHS is one of those snarky little opinionated comments I may make in a situation. I allow myself one a day.

My BHS is usually about something I see in the news. Usually, but not always! The trick is I’ve gotten really good recognizing when I’ve uttered my BHS. Then … that’s it. All day.

And I just HATE it when I spend my BHS allotment early in the morning.  Drat it all!  I was saving that for something really good!

(My record of the earliest BHS to be uttered, by the way, is 6:45 a.m. as I was standing in my kitchen, coffee cup in hand, watching the morning news. I don’t remember what it was that prompted me to use up my BHS for the day that early, but it was probably some stupid ass thing a politician said.  Oh crap. There’s my BHS for today!)

What do you do to curb your “inner demon”?

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