Making sense out of challenging environments
that don’t make sense!

If you are a business owner or manager and you have ever gotten frustrated with your business or team and thought:

  • Why are they not getting along?
  • Why is productivity down?
  • Why can’t I hire (find) good people?
  • Why doesn’t our organization get legs?
  • Why are they acting like kids and not adults?
  • Why are we losing our best customers to our competition?
  • Why does it feel like our year ebbs and flows out of our control?
  • Why is the average customer purchase going down?
  • Why don’t they make any sense when we are together in a group?

Discover why you “click” with some people and why others drive you crazy!

Download this quick assessment to see what style YOU are!

Specializing in Women Business Owners and Managers who have teams they want to bring together
to make sense out of things that don’t make sense

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Beth Ramsay combines her natural leadership talents, a strong desire, with common sense thinking, to make difficult decisions seem simple. In the end, you’ll exceed your expectations, and be the hero to all those who depend on you… Glenn Strange, Owner, Glenn Strange Funny/Keynote/Entertainer


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